Cleaning Essentials for Moving


Let’s face it, moving is one of the most stressful yet exciting experiences to go through. I’m a planner so naturally, I’m already three Pinterest boards ahead planning meals I’ll cook in the new kitchen, a remodel in the bathroom, decor and new floors….yet, I have forgotten that I still need to pack and clean the old place. Reality legit just hit me in the face!

I moved last year into a new home with my husband and learned quite a few things throughout the process including cleaning essentials to have on-hand all the time…especially through the awkward and slightly uncomfortable stage of moving while everything you own is still boxed up. One of the biggest comforts during the stressful haze of moving is the feel and smell of clean. I think most can agree that clean sheets is by far one of the best things in the world.

When making the big move, I made a plastic container of essentials like laundry detergent, air freshener, mopping supplies, toilet paper, etc. These items not only helped with the new home, but also getting the rental ready for inspection. As most anyone knows about this process is that in order to get that hefty deposit back from your rental, you have to clean until you bleed….just kidding, but seriously. Here are my MUST HAVE items in the moving essentials box:

  • Laundry Detergent – I’m OBSESSED with Tide PODS®. These cute little pacs are a 3-in-1 laundry solution, that consist of a detergent, stain remover and brightener all at once. So easy and they smell delightful!

  • Toilet Paper – You just gotta have it! I’m kind of a snob when it comes to TP. I can’t do the cheap stuff. Ain’t nobody got time for a rash! I like the Charmin® Ultra Strong Toilet Paper where less is totally more 😉
  • Mop – Forget Mom’s old mop where you have to ring it out and change the water a bazillion times. Whoever came out with the Swiffer® WetJet Mop, BLESS YOU! It’s a compact mop that sprays solution on the floor and mops in one easy step.

  • Paper Towels – Also a snob about this. I have to have paper towels that actually absorb and offer the smaller size sheet because sometimes you don’t need a whole paper towel. My go-to are the Bounty® Select-a-Size Paper Towels. No matter what the spill is, they’ve got me covered.
  • Air freshener – Okay ladies, when you’ve got four or more men helping you move, you have to have beer, toilet paper, and air freshener. They are MEN after all. Don’t torture yourself with their stench. I fell in love with the Febreze Unstopables™ Fresh Air Freshener. They offer so many different scents and you can even match fabric sheets with the corresponding scents. BOOOOYAH!

  • Wet Wipes – You just never know!
  • Hand Sanitizer – Keep a couple bottles in the bathroom and around the house.
  • First-Aid – To clean up all of the booboos! Moving is a full workout y’all!

I couldn’t live without these items. If I wasn’t using them in the new home, I was definitely using them to clean the rental. When moving, things can get scraped and dirt tracks in easily. Having the Swiffer® WetJet made quick cleanups real easy and saved my floors!

I keep a mock cleaning box like this ready at all times and am always stocking up on my Walmart shopping trips.

Also let me tell you, if you know someone who is moving or about to, a moving essentials cleaning box is THE best gift you can get them. Make them up a box with these cleaning essentials (a few snacksdoesn’t hurt either) and they will love you! I know I have had a few friends move and I was unable to physically help, but giving them this was a lifesaver. I still get thank yous for it!

Moving is full of long days and late nights and lots of stress, but quality brands like Bounty® , Swiffer® , Tide® , Unstopables™and Charmin® make your move clean and simple. Ease some of the anxiety by being prepared with Walmart’s New Home Clean Collection like I did. You can even buy online and pick it up in store! WINNING!

For those moving soon, I want to wish you a BIG congratulations! Also, take a second to breathe and enjoy the little moments. Your house or apartment won’t be perfect when you first move in, but be patient. Keep pinning and make those dreams a reality!


Happy Moving!

PS Our yard looks wayyyyyy different now. Boy what a year can do?!

– B –

DIY “Do Not Disturb” Floppy Hat

I love a good floppy hat for the beach, but one with a witty saying is even better! I’ve seen quite a few gals sporting these adorable floppy hats with sayings like “Rosé All Day” and “Out of Office,” but the price was a little more than I’m willing to pay for a beach accessory.


Determined to make a trendy item affordable for all of us beach babes, I took to make it a fabulous DIY project. The best part, it cost me under $25.

hat supplies.jpg


A floppy hat…DUH! (I got mine from Target)

2 rolls 1/4 inch strung sequins

E6000 Industrial Strength Adhesive


Optional: Pen for marking

You can get all of this, minus the hat, from Hobby Lobby or Michaels.


First, you’ll need to decide what you want your hat to say. That’ll also determine how many rolls of sequins you need. I was able to use just one roll on the “Do Not Disturb,” but bought extra just in case. From here, I would form the sequins into the words. It’s best to practice this and get it just right!


This is optional, but you can mark under the sequined words with dots so you helps as a marker along the way. Now you’ll take the glue and place it in little dots along underneath the sequins. Make sure to press down. They may seem loose at first, but this glue is a beast and will be super glued in no time.


Let dry and cut off any excess threads and “strings” caused by the glue. TADAHHH! You’re done and ready to soak up the sun.

I will say this DIY project was a little more challenging than most because of having the be careful about moving the sequins and placing glue carefully. Be patient!

I would even suggest making this a fun girls night 🙂 Add some Rosé and you’re sure to have a blast!

– B –

Art for a Cause

Okay, I’ll admit it. I’m a shopaholic. Shocker! There’s something about buying new clothes or home decor that soothes my soul. But being able to do one of my favorite things all while knowing I’m giving back and supporting a worthy cause makes it all worthwhile.

I recently finally got my home office + closet together (we’ve been in our home almost a year….so kind of embarrassing. Better late than never right?!) which included a major shopping trip. I knew the look I was going for, but needed the perfect wall art for my gallery. I found a few great pieces on Etsy, which I recommend because they are smaller businesses and then came across an adorable print and one-of-a-kind shop and with an excellent mission.

room pic.jpg

Wunderkid is a shop whose focus is discovering young talented artists to sell their original art which will raise money towards these artists’ school funds.

We believe that creativity is a vital part of our
culture. We empower young artists and provide
a platform for them to create beautiful art while
simultaneously allowing them to meaningfully pursue
a career in the arts. With each sale, we contribute
into a tuition fund for the artist.

Not only supporting this shop was worthwhile, but finding this donut print gave me life! Just like any basic betch, donuts make me happy and knowing this is unique made it even better. Wunderkid offers a variety of products from prints in every size to greeting cards and they also have art to accommodate just about anyone’s taste.


Cheesy to say, but every time I look at this piece, I smile knowing I am helping make a young person’s dreams come true. I’m 23 and still dreaming of all I want to do in this thing called life and having support of those around me is essential. I wouldn’t be here without loyal readers. I get it. I wanted to share some of the love I receive every day.

Here are a few of their other gorgeous pieces:

They even make for great gifts. I assure you, you won’t have buyers remorse 😉

PS You can find tags to my other art on my Instagram here:

– B –