Guac + Queso

The way to a woman’s heart. If you can make scrumptious guacamole + queso, I’m yours as is every basic white girl. Add some tequila and things might get a little…well you know how that goes 😉  Mexican food is good every day of the week. Am I right?!

I decided to have Mexican Monday for some friends and was determined to make the perfect simple guacamole with a hint of lime and chunky queso. Ladies and gents, I did it and it was DELIGHTFUL!

Salsa Queso Guac (3 of 10)



3 ripe Hass avocados

4 tsp lime juice

3 tbsp cilantro (chopped)

1/4 cup red onion (finely chopped)

1/2 jalapeño, including seeds (finely chopped)

1/4 tsp salt


Cut the avocados in half and remove the pit. Scoop out the guts of the avocado and place into a medium mixing bowl.


Toss with lime juice and fold in the rest of your ingredients.


Mash the mixture until you receive the desired consistency. Taste test…of course! And add any additional seasoning. Enjoy!

Salsa Queso Guac (5 of 10)



1 lb pepperjack cheese

8 oz cream cheese

8 oz sour cream (I used light and it tasted fine)

3/4 cup whole milk

1 can Rotel tomatoes & green chilies, drained


Cut the pepperjack cheese and cream chees into smaller blocks. This makes it easier to mix and melt.


Place the all of the ingredients in a slow cooker. I recommend using a slow cooker clear liner bag to make cleanup easier.


Place the heat on low and let the mixture slowly melt the ingredients and stir until the mixture starts to become smooth. Stir occasionally. Add more milk as needed. Our queso was melted in about three to four hours.


Once melted to your desired consistency, serve immediately or place the slow cooker on warm. Now go stuff your face!

Salsa Queso Guac (8 of 10)

Both of these recipes were more than enough for four people and we had leftovers. These make for the perfect additions to your football tailgating parties and cookouts. And remember, it’s totally okay not to have self-control with Mexican food. Don’t forget the margarita mix either!

Happy Tequila Thursday!




Frozen Smoothie Packs

I’m a lover of a good smoothie, but most of the time the smoothies you buy at chains are filled with sugar and don’t contain half the nutrients they claim to. Plus, they can cost around $8 a smoothie and have on average 700+ calories. That’s half of my suggested daily calorie intake!

For Christmas, my in-laws bought me and Greg a Ninja blender and to say I was excited is a complete understatement. I’ve always wanted a Ninja! They can make just about anything including hummus, cookie dough, salsa, single serve shakes, and yummy smoothies.

I’m totally not a morning person so getting a quick breakfast in before I head to work is key. I have been making these frozen smoothie packs for a few months now and they are total lifesavers. Best part, they cost under $25 to make 8 smoothie packs. Yep, roughly $3 per smoothie and no unwanted calories and added sugars.I try and buy in bulk at Sam’s Club because it’s even cheaper. Plus, they have frozen fruits in bulk. Just make sure you don’t buy the kind with added sugars. Each smoothie (depending on fruits used) is only 400 calories!

The ingredients below is per single smoothie pack. You can switch up the fruits for whatever you like 🙂 For each freezer pack, I cut up the fruits into smaller pieces to make it easier to blend.

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Skinny Shrimp Scampi

Since the hubby is deployed, I’ve taken a real interest in cooking and trying new Pinterest recipes. I’ve become quite to cook if I do say so myself! I found this recipe and instantly wanted to try it. Not only is it healthy but it has ZOODLES! Yep, zucchini noodles…which are absolutely delicious.

And it was even good leftover! I will definitely be making this again.

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